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Post-Pandemic Future of the University: Possible Models, Potential and Risks
(as part of the 5th International University Cities Forum)


A University is inherently designed not only to educate and conduct research, but also to critically evaluate its own values, mission, and academic (research, educational, cultural and managerial) practices by describing them in various forms, such as charters, codes of regulations, and all types of publications. Another characteristic of a University is that its activities do not have any distinct boundaries. When such are proposed, a University starts losing its ability to change under new conditions. All these – self-reflection and self-description, along with being free of limitations in academic processes – provide the University with an amazing ability to regenerate and to adapt to the most complicated historical circumstances. Thanks to these particular properties it has existed for more than 800 years.

From this point of view, the discourse on existing and potential university models is ongoing. However, from time to time it becomes more active and diverse – as a rule, at the change of epochs, in times of technological (or industrial) revolutions. This is exactly where we are right now. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to how we see the contemporary University and the most likely paths of its development. Emergence of new models of the University depends to a large extent on accumulating and systematizing the experience of all those involved in University life: researchers, professors, students, managers, and stakeholders. 

The organizer of the online conference – Tomsk State University – invites everyone interested to discuss the topic proposed above.

The aim of the discussion is sharing experiences of working and studying in the time of the pandemic to reveal the basics of possible University models under the conditions of current challenges that the humanity will inevitably face again and again in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Klaus Schwab). How is the University seen in the post-pandemic era: the college of liberal arts, the university of nomads, the cyborg university, or …?  

More detailed information on the topic can be found on the conference website in the Blog section.
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There are three variants of participation:

Presenting at the webinar on November 27, 2020;
this status must be confirmed with the organizing committee.


Publication indexed in the RSCI (the paper must be submitted after the webinar).


Participating in the webinar with the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.

The call for papers for those who wish to submit articles and case studies to the issue of the Online Conference “Connect-Universum-2020” (the RSCI) will be announced after the webinar. All the materials must be submitted before  February 1, 2021



The working languages of the Conference are Russian and English. 

Organizing Committee: 
Tel. +7 (3822) 529 537










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