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#какродной – peace, friendship, New Year!

#какродной is a project of the ETIS Coordination Center and the Department of International Relations at TSU. On December 29 TSU students from China, Laos, the USA, Mongolia, Indonesia and Vietnam participated in the expedition that went to Kozhevnikovsky district by a large coach. Among them were Advertising and Public Relations students from Russia and Vietnam.

The international students arrived at Kozhevnikovskaya Secondary School №2 and took part in  the concert. Russian school students played lozhki (spoons) and balalaika, and teachers and schoolchildren performed at the concert. International students also took part in the performance. They played the guitar, sang folk songs, and gave talks about the New Year in Mongolia and China. After the concert, the international  students taught Russian children how to dance Lao dances, draw Chinese characters, and much more. The Russian students welcomed the guests with joy, even asked for autographs and did not want to let them go until the last moment. The meeting ended with the creation of a garland, and international students signed on the flags.

After visiting the school, TSU students had some traditional Russian food for lunch, and visited  the Kozhevnikovsky House of Culture, where they danced traditional Russian dances. They enjoyed gorgeous views at Ruyan-na-Ob, and had a snowball fight and a slide ride! On the way back they sang Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Lao, and Indonesian New Year songs on the bus.

Students and teachers from our Department helped to arrange the festival. Ekaterina Polyanskaya, an English teacher, accompanied the students from Vietnam. Mikhail Patrakov, a TSU Bachelor student, filmed a video and talked about the Russian New Year’s traditions of serving food. Anna Dyubina, who also studies Advertising and Public at TSU, was in charge of organizing this event and confirmed that she is a perfect event manager.

Pavel Hizh


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