Information about the authors of scientific reports (full name, academic title, professional position, and affiliation) and the topic and abstract of the report should be presented in a file separate from the text of the report.

The abstract should include from 250 to 300 words.

The length of the materials presented should be from 4 to 8 A4 pages.

The working languages of the Conference: Russian and English.


1. Text format: MS Word;
2. Times New Roman, 12 font;
3. Single spacing;
4. Margins: 2 cm – at the top and bottom, 2.5 cm – on the left, 1.5 cm – on the right;
5. Full justification;
6. Charts and images placed inside the document;
7. The title should be typed in the center in uppercase boldface letters without hyphenation and a period at the end of the title;
8. Beneath the title, in the center, type the authors’ names and initials with their academic titles and professional positions. Leave one line space between the title and the authors’ names;





9. Beneath the authors’ names, in the center, type the institutional affiliation, the city, and the contact author’s e-mail separated by commas;
10. Beneath the information about the authors type the text of the report. Leave one space between the text of the report and the information about authors;
11. References are cited in the text only by square brackets and must be numbered according to the number of the sources in the references list (for example, [1]). References in footnotes should be avoided. If the references are cited within the text, they should contain the number of the page (for example, [3, p. 17]);
12. The references (not more than 10 sources) are typed in alphabetical order under a heading References, 12 font, continuous numbering. One space should be left between the text of the report and the heading References.

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