Eye tracking in marketing research

Every year marketing research becomes more and more important and new technologies appear every day. Eye tracking is a technology using a special device to track human eye movements. The eye tracker helps determine what we look at, how long we look at this, what we don't notice, when and how often we blink, and how our pupils respond to different incentives.

Brands often use this technology to evaluate products, packaging design, advertising, websites, mobile apps, and online and offline shopper behavior. It helps understand the customer better. This technology can improve interest in the brand and realize how the product or service is perceived by the audience.

Despite its obvious advantages, eye tracking techniques have a significant drawback. Eye tracker helps catch the movement of the eye, but it is impossible to explain why the view lingers on some specific elements of the page and how they attract the attention of the user. In this case, it is necessary to use additional methods of data collection that will let a more complete interpretation of the results.

To sum up, eye tracking is a convenient instrument for solving specific problems. Correct processing of the information enables to identify problems, compare different solutions and analyze the characteristics of the target audience. But it is best to use complex methods, because eye tracking is just a part of comprehensive research.

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