How advertising manipulates nonverbal gestures: techniques and tricks

How do companies get their consumers’ attention in today's digital society, where communications play a huge role? The incredible number of different products and services that appear every year, month, and even day makes it more and more difficult to attract the audience. So companies use a wide range of ways and techniques to engage their potential and future consumers.
What is nonverbal communication? Nonverbal communication is interaction without the use of words (the transfer of information or influence through images, intonation, gestures, facial expressions, pantomimics, and others), that is, without speaking or using the language in a direct or any sign form. The instrument of nonverbal communication is the human body that has a wide range of means and methods of information transmission or exchange, and includes all forms of human self-expression.
Psychologists believe that the correct interpretation of nonverbal signals is the most important condition for effective communication. In promotion, the techniques used in commercials and PR materials should make the consumer (viewer) buy a product or service. Let’s take an example of successful nonverbal communication of Mercedes-Benz. The company released a new version of the S-class and accompanied it with a commercial featuring ... a lion. The lion as the king of the beasts and the whole Savannah represented the head of the presented campaign. Leo is a businessman, a successful entrepreneur, works hard and gets tired of the slightest mistake of his wards.
The authors of the video show this state through gestures, and facial expressions. The whole working day is spent in stress and nervous state of health, and, at the end of the day, the head of the company quickly heads to his car. When he presses the cherished button, there is magic that instantly cools the fervor accumulated during the day. Pupil enlargement, languid and long light exhalation, a smile on his face and relief in his eyes, high-quality music, and graphics – in this beautifully shot material, nonverbal manipulative gestures work 100%. Thus, through this kind of properly selected techniques, an advertising campaign can achieve the result that was originally laid down by advertisers and PR professionals.