The power of a celebrity brand ambassador

Choosing celebrities as ambassadors has become a very popular communication strategy today. So why do consumers choose to buy products promoted by famous stars? According to Content Marketing Strategy, here are three main reasons for choosing celebrities to promote products: firstly, people want to look like their favourite celebrities; secondly, people will remember advertising if clelbrities take part in it; thirdly, people will believe that the product is of high quality.
Celebrities have a certain reputation that can help your brand in creating a positive image. It can also help you in stepping ahead from your competitors. It will make people remember your brand. Celebrities have a brand power of their own. They can easily influence and persuade the general audiences to believe in that particular brand. . Seeing their favourite actor or actress’ name attached to the brand, consumers are assured that the brand is trustworthy and of high quality.
However, there are certain risks. Jeff Stibel, Vice Chairman of Dun & Bradstreet and best-selling author of “Wired for Thought” says: “Advertising campaigns must be developed skillfully, or there’s a risk that the viewer remembers the celebrity, not the product”. Celebrities make mistakes and their images are subject to change. And it can also affect the image of the brands they believe in or endorse, which means it can directly impact your sales.
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