Brand Awareness: What makes the success of the Trung Nguyen coffee brand?

The Trung Nguyen coffee brand is one of the most favourite choices for Vietnamese consumers and not only for them. Of course, it is not easy to have such outstanding success. Dang Le Nguyen Vu is the founder and the president of the corporation, who has a small amount of capital, and strong will and desire to create a leading coffee brand in the Vietnamese market. All these have not only brought success to the Trung Nguyen brand but also left valuable lessons for all startups worldwide.

Dare to dream big, dare to pursue what others think is impossible.
One day, Mr Vu decided to build a high-quality coffee brand, and it was soon introduced to both domestic and international markets. It was difficult at one point, because Trung Nguyen had to persuade domestic consumers to spend money to buy high-quality coffee products of Trung Nguyen, and prove to international markets that Vietnam can produce coffee products at the world-class level. To do that, Trung Nguyen has been actively building a system similar to the most famous brands like Starbucks - the model where they can directly introduce and sell coffee products to customers.
Dare to choose strong competitors and compete fairly.
The special thing that Trung Nguyen is always does is choosing bigger competitors like Nescafe or Vinacafe. By competing with the leading brands, G7 instant coffee of Trung Nguyen creates an impressive quality that is not inferior to Nescafe.
Always creative to be successful.
Plans to build the brand have also been prepared: from promotions (free 10 days of coffee) to customer appreciation programs. Especially, the successful application of the franchise model has helped Trung Nguyen have the opportunity to develop across the country and reach out to the world. Besides, this brand  not only competes directly with multinational brands like Nescafe, but also positions itself as part of the Vietnam's traditional culture.
Hopefully, after the success of Trung Nguyen coffee, along with lessons learned from their development path, Vietnam will have many other successful startups.

Author: Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc, second year student (TSU).