Zhilavskaya Irina V. (Russia, Moscow)

PhD in philology, Associate Professor at the Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities (SMSUH). Chairman of Journalism and Media Education Department, member of the Russian Committee on UNESCO Program ''Information for All'', Executive Officer of the National Association for the Study of media (NASM), Editor in Chief of the International Research and Education e-journal ''Media. Information. Communication'' (MIC), author of the book ''Media education of youth market'', and more than 60 papers on themes of Information and Media Literacy, media education and media behavior of the person.

Author and new concepts developer in the theory of media and media education: informal media, journalistic model of media education, media literacy activity of mass media, media-literacy.

Head of some social researches on ''Youth and Politics'' (2007), ''Impact of Media on Youth'' (2008), ''Youth and Media'' (2008), ''Youth in information space ZATO'' (2009), ''Issues of national identity among young people in Tomsk Region'' (2009), ''Development and implementation of youth potential in Tomsk region'' (2009, 2010).

Convener of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference ''The role of Media Education in the development of science, culture, education and mass media'' (2007.2008, 2009), Tomsk, TIIT. Science editor and the author of sourcebook ''Media Education: From Theory - to Practice'' (2007, 2008, 2009), Tomsk, TIIT, ''Youth and Media. Goals and Values'', Moscow, Sholokhov MSUH, ''Person and the media. Cooperation Technology'', Sholokhov MSUH.

Member of the Russian-Finnish seminar on Education (2009). Co-chair of the steering committee of I All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference ''Current Trends in the Russian media education 2010'', Moscow, Moscow State University. Chair of the steering committee of the All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference ''Youth and Media. Goals and Values'', Moscow, 2011.

Head of R & D ''Research of Socio-Psychological Characteristics of Person Media Behavior in Today's Information Society'', Sholokhov MSUH 2011.

Member of UNESCO's International Expert Meeting on Adapt Questions of UNESCO's Media and Information Literacy for the Russian Training Program (Moscow, December 12, 2011). Expert of the Russian Information Policy Fund (RIPF)

Member of the expert community ''Russian Intelligence Network''.

Some recent publications:

1. The Role of Media Education in Shaping the Public Sphere. Journalism in 2010: the media in the public sphere. Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference. Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University, Moscow, Univ. Press, Moscow, 2011.

2. ''I and Journalism'' Against the Background of Professional Competencies. Mass Media in Modern World. Petersburg Readings: Proceedings of the 50th International Conference / Ed. Ed. S. G. Korkonosenko. Philological Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, 2011.

3. Media Behavior of the Person. Sense Finding. Mediascope. Electronic Scientific Review of Faculty of Journalism of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Issue 2, 2011.

4. Information and Media Literacy as a New literacy of Information Society. Journalist. Social Communication. № 4, 2011.

5. Media Education Technology of Print Media. Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 10: Journalism, № 5.

6. Media Education Activities of the Media as a Kind of Public Relations. Social PR and Social Advertising: Experiences and Innovation: Proceedings of the III International Scientific Conference (20-22 May 2010gg.) / Ed. O. P. Chernega. Barnaul, 2010.

7. New Editorial Technologies in the "Media and Society" System. The journal "Social Systems Management", ed. Professor. F. P. Tarasenko, Tomsk, № 3, 2010.

8. Work with an Audience: New Editorial Technologies. Current Trends in the Russian media education. Source Book of All-Russian Scientific-practical Conference: In 2 volumes, Vol.1. Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, Moscow, 2010.

9. Socio-political Press Died for Young People. National Program for Support and Development of Reading: Problems and Prospects. Proceedings of the II All-Russian Conference (Moscow, 20-21 November 2008) / Ed. Evgeny Kuzmin, A.V. Parshakova. Interregional Center of Library Cooperation, Moscow, 2009.

10. System Aspects of Media Education Activities of Mass Media. Bulletin of Moscow State University. Series 10: Journalism, № 5, 2009.

11. CATU as a Ghetto: Youth Value Identity in the Closed Cities. Empirical studies of civil society. OPF, Moscow, 2009.

12. Informal Media Environment as a Factor in the Development of Media Education. Source Book of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference "The Information field of modern Russia: the practice and effects". Kazan, KSU, 2009.

13. Information Technology. Sources of Misbelieves. Proceedings of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Information Technologies in the Humanities". Pyatigorsk, PSLU, 2009.

14. The Role and Place of Informal Media in Civil Communications. "Civil Communications and Civil Society". HSE. Ed. and Comp. I. M. Dzyaloshinskii. M., 2009.

15. Interactive (Journalistic) Model of Media Education. The journal "Multimedia and the World'', № 3, 2009.

Awards and prizes:
Winner of Vilya Lipatov Prize for Journalism (1989).

Awarded the Medal of Merit to the Tomsk (2004).

PhD in philology, Associate Professor at the Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities (SMSUH).
1981 – graduated from Tomsk State University, Faculty of Philology, specialty «The Russian language and literature». 2000 – worked on probation under the program «Open World» in Orlando (Fla.), USA. 2003 – took professional retraining program ''Administration management. Economy'' at Tomsk State University; 2005 – got a second degree in the specialty ''State and Municipal Management'' at the International Faculty of Management of Tomsk State University; 2008 – defended the thesis on ''Optimizing of the interaction of media and youth market through media education strategies and technologies'' at the Moscow State University.