Yaroslavtseva, Elena I. (Russia, Moscow)

PhD, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow of Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences. She conducts educational activities as associate professor of the chair of the history of sciences in Russian State University for the Humanities, co-operates with the Institute for Information Sciences and Security Technologies of Russian State University for the Humanities.

Sphere of scientific research:

• Cultural genesis and scientific aspects of the philosophical and anthropological knowledge problems, the methodology of the comprehensive study of man, communicative and synergic approach;

• Features of the modern digital education, techniques and technology of the network communications;

• Human autopoezis as integrated self-organized system, human interactive topos;

• Valeological and psychological technologies for increasing human balance and plasticity.



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Media archive of the Webcast center of the Institute for Information Sciences and Security Technologies of Russian State University for the Humanities. Video-blogging the heads of the scientific departments and laboratories of the Institute for Information Sciences and Security Technologies of Russian State University for the Humanities, online broadcast and archives records of the scientific events in the university.

Interaction technology http://cnb.rsuh.ru/videoblogs/?p=226

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Values of Diversity and the Issue of Place Branding

The article focuses on the problem of understanding the brand, which is essentially equal to the concept of a standard when it has high success in certain territories. But the problem is the existence of a temptation to implement these standards in qualitatively different environments in order to have the desired outcome. Such decisions have very high risks since there is a disregard for value ground of community development, its sustainability and productivity. 

PhD, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow of Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences.
In 1980 she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonosov Moscow State University, in 1991 defended her thesis ''Self-actualization of the individual in the system of social relations''.
She engages in research problems of human development, the methodology of the human study as integrated self-organizing and communicative system through the prism of a synergetic approach. She gives special consideration on modern educational environment and innovative digital technologies in education, answered the moving human changes, included in network communications, and perspectives for people with disability.