A Voyage into Uncharted Waters: Societal Implications of Today’s Global Media Environment

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Drs. Tsetsura and Kruckeberg will examine today’s media environment, in which tribalism exists among a global population that is young, uneducated and with few prospects for personal sustainability. However, this demographics’ proficiency in readily available communication technology is leading to fundamental societal changes that are uncharted waters offering little forgiveness for navigational error. Of particular significance is the flattening, and oftentimes juxtaposition, of power in which highly volatile virtual publics can emerge unpredictably, immediately and with inordinate influence. Media transparency is essential in a global environment in which changes in media usage and news consumption increase opportunities for alternative channels that exacerbate distrust of media and perceptions of truth. Addressing these problems is essential as nation-states engage in both domestic and foreign policy.

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