Resources of the Symbolic Capital of the Cultural Environment: Bolstering Image or Place Rebranding?

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In this paper the author discusses the interpretation ambivalence of the notion ‘cultural environment’, and, using the broad interpretation of this notion as a space for culture filled with the results of multi-faceted human activity, the author stresses dynamic changes of culture in the context of intense changes in civilization.

The report develops few aspects. On the one hand, it focuses on active efforts to modernize the environment not only via physical infrastructure transformations and introduction new technology, but also through symbolic resources update, which define new meanings and give a special interpretation to the vector of sociocultural processes in the whole. 

On the other hand, the report describes the main tasks “Culture” National Project and shows what can radically change in culture in the next five years. The author raises research problems for regional scientists and suggests to necessarily keep to the “golden mean” between the immense aims of the state cultural policy and the tasks of “Culture” National Project. 
The society still extremely needs professional personnel, the preparation of programs of different levels, which can help regional administration systems to understand country-wide tasks. In some degree, the response to challenges and risks of the cultural policy strategy aimed at the increase of regions competitiveness will represent an appeal to the creative industries, cultural environment virtualization, i.e. its differentiation. The author raises the debatable issue concerning solving the problems of accessibility of culture through the creation of virtual exhibitions, museums, concerts broadcast, etc. 

In these conditions the need for new approaches to place branding increases.  Using Ulyanovsk city as an example, the author shows the attitude towards traditions and the most powerful stream of innovations. The introduced innovations are present in different contexts and, as a result, they are aimed at the successful realization of the National Project, each subsection of which (“The Cultural Environment”, “Creative People”, “Digital Culture”) solves the tasks, somehow broadening the cultural environment space. The creative assets and symbolic resources of the region by supporting different activities (differentiation and diversity of resources) fill the cultural environment with new meanings and values, corresponding strategic missions of state cultural – creative development of each person and collective identity reinforcement.

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