Webinar Program of the Fourth International Transdisciplinary Research and Practice Online Conference “Connect-Universum – 2018” published

Webinar Program (PDF)

On November 29-30, we are holding the webinar of the Conference Connect-Universum – 2018 on Digital Place Brand Management: Global and Local Aspects. The key speakers will present their reports during the webinar.  You can join the webinar, watch the key speakers’ presentations life online and take part in discussions. Registration for the webinar will start on our website after November 20, 2018.
The key speakers are researchers and practitioners from 11 different countries who have experience in the areas related to the theme of the conference. You can find detailed information about the key speakers on the personal pages of the conference participants (section “People”).
The working languages ​​of the conference are Russian and English (the language of the report is indicated in the Program in the right column). The time when the speakers’ presentations will be broadcast is indicated in the left columns of the Program (Moscow and Tomsk time).
In case of any changes in the Program, the latest version of the Program will be published on the Conference website.
Only the key speakers will present their reports at the webinar, other speakers’ reports will be posted at http://connect-universum.com/ & http://connect-universum.tsu.ru/ .You can find their reports on the speakers’ personal pages on the Conference’s website (section “People”).
The “Connect-Universum – 2018” Conference will be held as part of the Third International Forum of University Cities (Tomsk State University, Tomsk, November 28-30, 2018).