Nation Branding - Concepts, Issues, Practice by Keith Dinnie

Nation Branding: What is it? Keith Dinnie tells us about this in his book, Nation Branding - Concepts, Issues, Practice, which is also considered the first textbook of nation branding.

Keith Dinnie is the founder of Brand Horizons consultancy. He is a real professional in his work and considered one of the world’s leading experts on nation branding. He has published his research in several international journals including Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Brand Management and so on. Keith Dinnie's research focuses mainly on place brand management for cities, regions, countries and other localities. Keith Dinnie has lived and worked in various countries around the world, which gave him a unique insight into various concepts and approaches to branding.

The first edition of the book Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice was released in 2007 to talk about a new but fast-growing practice that uses brand management principles to whole countries rather than companies. The main feature of the book is to provide different perspectives on nation branding of the country by including about 30 contributors from a wide range of academics and practitioners. This book clearly explains how concepts and methods can be applied to the context of a nation, what techniques to use and which of them will be more effective.
After the first edition of the book had become popular, the author decided to revise the concept and presented the amended structure in the new edition, which was published in 2015, to reflect the latest changes in this still-developing field. With the help of the nation's branding, more and more countries are trying to compete in the world arena. Many governments are investing in national branding to increase their country's influence in the global arena.

In his book, Keith Dinnie states that ‘’nation branding is an exciting, complex and controversial phenomenon’’. The theory and research that are presented in the book are able to fully disclose this definition of nation branding. Therefore, if you really want to learn more about this practice and its development, don’t miss the Keith Dinnie`s Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice. It is in the public domain and can be interesting to the broad audience.

Author: Marina Kukulyak, second-year student