Martin de Jong will be a key speaker at “Connect-Universum-2018”

William Martin de Jong, a recognized expert in the study of public policy, city branding and urban infrastructure development, will participate in “Connect-Universum-2018”.

Martin de Jong, PhD, is a scientific director of the Erasmus University Rotterdam Research Initiative “Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity” (Netherlands); he is a professor at Rotterdam School of Management and Erasmus School of Law, and distinguished professor in global public policy at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs.

Martin de Jong deals with issues of urban, spatial and environmental planning; he focuses on the planning and development of eco-cities with low carbon emissions. Martin de Jong has specialized in China's infrastructure, with special strength in transport infrastructures. Until recently he held the chair in urban and infrastructure development in China at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology.

You can find more detailed information about Martin de Jong on his personal page. The topic of Martin de Jong`s report will be From City Branding to Implementation. Avoiding Green Washing and Adopting Sustainable Urban Transformation.