Roberto Bruni will be a key speaker at “Connect Universum - 2018”

Roberto Bruni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Business  Management and Place Marketing at the University of Cassino  and Southern Lazio in Italy,  gave consent to take part in “Connect Universum - 2018”.
Roberto Bruni teaches Service Management and Place Marketing at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. He participates in international congresses with his own works in the research of service management, place marketing and retail management.
Roberto Bruni is the author of over 40 contributions. His latest publications in collaboration with Federica Caboni are Social Technology Enhancing the Town Centre Management Attractiveness in the Journal of Technology Management & Innovation (2018), and the book Place as value proposition. The marketing Perspective (2017).

You can find more detailed information about Roberto Bruni on his personal page. The topic of his report will be announced later.