Fedaeff, Nick (Zealand, Russia)

Russian and New Zealand surrealist artist, musician, multimedia expert, traveler, and “man of the world”.

Nick Fedaeff started his professional career of an artist in 2004. His surrealistic paintings have rapidly gained popularity. Nowadays Nick Fedaeff’s paintings are exhibited in famous galleries of Australia, China, USA, and Germany; his works are kept in many private collections around the world. Being a long-time regular participant of Miami Art Basel (https://www.artbasel.com/miami-beach), the worldwide show of modern art, Nick Fedaeff was recognized as the best artist in the pavilion of Miami Art Spectrum in 2016. His paintings were also presented at Art Revolution Taipei, the worldwide exhibition of modern art in Taiwan.

Before emigrating from Russia, Nick Fedaeff lived and worked in Tomsk. While studying at Tomsk Polytechnic University, he was keen on rock music. He organized a rock band called “Konstruktsia” (Construction), and later - another rock-group called “Volosy” (Hair). Nick was at the forefront of Russian rock; he was one of the initiators and participants of the first rock-festivals in Russia. Later he toured a lot, took part in different music projects, composed music, including theatrical music (e.g. “The Little Prince”, Tomsk theater «2 + Ku»).  In 1991-1993 he hosted a TV show called “Baraban” (Drum) about Tomsk music bands on the Tomsk local channel TV2.

Immigration to New-Zeeland in 1995 opened new professional horizons for Nick Fedaeff. After studying multimedia and design in college, he became an Internet consultant in Oakland University’s Department of Distance Education. Then he created his own Internet marketing firm in 2001.

Since 2004 Nick has been engaged in many creative activities. The variety of Nick Fedaeff’s creative and public projects shows the versatility of his personality; his every project is unique in its own way. For example, the book “The Bitter Sweet Philosophies” was written in collaboration with the group of writers known as KK Jart. The book represents a very subtle and, at the same time, very profound research of everyday life by child’s eyes. Each of the Nick’s illustrations for the book is inspired by memories of his childhood. As we know, “а picture is worth a thousand words”; every Nick’s illustration in this book implies a thousand stories; and when reading the book, eveyone can find their stories expressing their own experience.

In recent years, Nick and his wife Lara, a talented fashion designer and manager who supports Nick in all his projects, have always been on the move; they have been traveling from city to city, and from country to country. Traveling is not an obstacle to their success in professional self-realization; moreover, it is more a required condition for that. New creative ideas and images come up from bright impressions. In addition, Nick and Lara always try to be included in local social life. Many people know them as initiators of garbage collections that often turn in a good tradition for residents of places where the Fedaeffs stay. Nick and Lara move from one place to another, but local people continue keeping their local parks, forests and beaches clean.

As a professional artist and photographer, Nick Fedaeff creates on social networks unique images of places he visits. His photos and comments help Internet users see and even “feel” these places; they help people choose if they want (or do not want) to visit these places. This way Nick Fedaeff performs the function of a professional place branding specialist, although he is not the one, in fact. That is why, the organizers of the third International Transdisciplinary Research and Practice Online Conference “Connect-Universum-2018” are honored to invite Nick Fedaeff as one of the key speakers; they hope that he will share interesting cases and presentations with the participants of the Conference on digital place brand management.

Russian and New Zealand surrealist artist, musician, multimedia expert, traveler, and “man of the world”.