Placement of content matters a lot. Will your readers pay attention to your article? Or your clients will just go away from it. It depends on you.

The Nielsen Norman Group does research on how users perceive your content.

The Nielsen Norman Group examines two variants of content placement: the zigzag and the traditional ones. The traditional format implies that the text and images are in different columns. And the content alternates in the zigzag layout.

The researchers considered 4 websites that use the zigzag layout and transformed the content of these sites into the traditional pattern. They decided that the placement of content did not matter.  The information that images communicated was more important. Otherwise the pictures would be ignored by readers. However, if you want to draw attention to the images, you should use the zigzag layout because it is harder to ignore it.

From all this we can conclude that informative value of images is more important than their location in the text. If we can see it in the beginning of the text it is better because the first pictures show to the readers what to expect from the post and whether it is worth wasting time on it.
Author: Irina Rudenko, the second year student (TSU).
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