What does a brand consist of? A brand is not a logo, set of colors, or communication on social media.. The truth is, your brand is all of these things and more.  It’s what you and don’t in emails; it’s whether you talk about yourself all day on Facebook or you offer a real value.
The phenomenon of live brand has appeared in marketing. A live brand is much like a breathing organism. It is created and developed by people who figure out its true purpose. You can’t create a brand, using only technologies. You can use some technical tools, such as analytics and surveys but it is just a small part of it. Only people can make a brand alive.
If you want to know more about a live brand, there are some characteristics of it:

  • Think the way people do. Live brands are developed by people who have human way of thinking, they don’t think like cash registers or corporate buildings.
  • They care about the people they communicate with. They care if they're happy, sad, satisfied, frustrated, or hungry.

  • Live brands listen more than talk. They speak when they need to speak but always have an ear to hear their audience, clients, partners, and stakeholders.

  • Life brands have personality that inspires and connects with their audiences.
  • They know what their audience wants and how to provide it. They know how to inspire them, connect with them and help them achieve their goals. 
  • Live brands know that they can never go wrong with investing in people. They invest in listening, learning, training, empowering, building teams and creating a culture, which enables their brand to shine from the inside out.


Source: http://www.pammarketingnut.com/2013/04/13-characteristics-of-human-brands/

Author: Irina Rudenko, the second year student (TSU)