How to become a lovemark

Lovemarks is a marketing concept that is intended to replace the idea of brands. A lovemark is a brand that we recognize; it has a large loyal audience and causes true love. In the current world of marketing, there are a lot of brands that use the concept of lovemarks behind their marketing strategies. The most famous examples are Apple, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike and IKEA.
You don't need millions of advertising budgets to become a lovemark, but a bright feature, which will make buyers love you: quality, price, interior or professionalism of employees. For example, the iconic Harley-Davidson attains reputation of the symbol of freedom and unlimited roads. Purchasing this motorcycle gives you an opportunity to enter into the club of the elected.
Famous love-brands show that there are four ways to approach the consumer's love. 
The first way is about secrets. Add a secret to the name or logo; come up with a legend, because people like to find answers, references and metaphors.
Second, your feature can become a smell or textures, like a smell of chicken in KFC or coffee in Starbucks.
The third way to create a lovemark is to add intimacy, something personal that will create the connection between you and your client.
The fourth way is about touching. Many people like IKEA, because they can try out furniture before buying: sit on the couch, wrap themselves in  blankets or play with toys.
Of course, it is not so easy to create a lovemark, it is necessary to love your clients, earn their love and devotion, and give them pleasant emotions. Love your customers and they will love you!
You can read more in Kevin Roberts’s book “Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands”