What helps us make working relationship: rules of good first impression

Today we often need to play as one team in different working situations. Everybody knows that well-organized teamwork it is the recipe of success. However, what can you do if you do not have good relationships with people or just do not have people to make relations with? Networking will help you.
Networking is a skill of making good business relations with any people you need. Let us speak a bit more about the tools of networking.

How to become acquainted to people who do not want or do not need to cooperate?

At first, you must always have a small self-presentation in your head. Just a 30-second story about you and your professional skills. You need this elevator pitch to make a good first impression. In addition, you can use it in social networks or phone talks.

Think about the first sentence in your small self-presentation. How must it sound to attract people’s attention? This can be an  interesting open question or a compliment. If you are speaking to an outstanding person, tell him or her that you have read their book or listened to their speech, and that impressed you a lot, and you learnt some things from it.  If the interlocutor is interested in you now, you will have some more 30 seconds to make a conversation.

This will also work in a phone call. Speaking on the cellphone is even easier, because you do not need to control your and other person’s body language.  You can write your speech on the paper and then just read it to the collocutor. However, remember that you cannot waste other person’s time, so say only facts and important information. Remember: you do not need to become friends; you only need to become business partners.

Rules of good impression

  1. When you are meeting new people, try to be positive, open-minded and sincere. Find something good in this new man. If you really like other people, they will really like you.
  2. If you are not a confident person, it can become a problem. People do not like to speak with very shy or close people. It is just boring. Try to be active and self-confident.
  3. Make sure that your image is presentable. If you are going to an event or training, check your clothes, your haircut and some other things.
  4. Learn the adjustment and mirroring skills. They will help you communicate. People will like you if you copy their poses and movements while talking to them.
  5. Read some books about emotions and intellect to understand how you can use your emotions to be acquainted with somebody very quickly. Showing interest sometimes does not require using words.