Influencers as a promotional tool

Large and small companies spend more and more money on promotion in social media. If they had to pay large sums of money to celebrities before, now anyone can express their opinions. The idea that only a celebrity can become an influencer is wrong, because now anyone, who has active and involved followers and can present information in a good way, can be an influencer.
Nowadays, marketing of influence is the most efficient way to attract customers, because young people don't react to advertising anymore. They want to make their own decisions, based on recommendations from those they trust. Influencers don't advertise, but give advice and recommendations. When they wear, eat or do something, it attracts attention and it is the most important thing in this context.
Influencers are not celebrities but people whose opinion is trustworthy. They create content about the brand and recommend it to their followers. Scrolling pictures on Instagram, we see a lot of advertising posts, but many of them don't look like advertising. People just write about the products they like.
Most companies are increasing their presence in social networks. And social networks are not just an alternative to traditional media. Previously, many people made a purchase decision based on advertising. Today, the recommendations are of great importance, and it is much easier to get them than before - you just have to go to social networks.
Now people expect that brands will entertain them, therefore, influencers are a great marketing tool. With their help brands can send information to audiences in form of natural communication between people.
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