Advertising in Los Angeles metro uses Japanese-style commercials to promote the etiquette

Advertising trends come and pass, but there is one eternal trend – copying Japanese advertising style. It started in the 90s, when Arnold Schwarzenegger became the face of the brand of Japanese noodles. You can find these videos on YouTube. Such commercials were filmed by many advertising agencies, and even in Russia. But they did not become popular because they were trivial. And now, in 2017, we can finally see how LA metro uses these ideas.
Recently the official LA Metro’s TouTube channel released three videos about the etiquette in public transport. These commercials were made by Mike Diva, a famous director known for his insane fake election commercial for Donald Trump.

This video looks like a Japanese commercials and the main characters are a furry orange monster, called Rude Dude, and a superhero of the mass transit, Super Kind, played by another YouTuber and J-Pop super star— Anna Akana. This advertising campaign tells the audience about the main problems of public transport: eating, littering and blocking free seats.
These are not just strange videos, as it may seem at first glance. This is an excellent job done: the perfect balance between fantasy and reality, magnificent details and a non-trivial concept. We can see references to the English band - Kero Kero Bonito, whose songs were influenced by J-Pop and Saylor Moon with their magic attributes, costumes and transformations.
“The initial pitch from client was just a superhero named Super Kind who teaches people etiquette, and at the end of each spot, the riders on the Metro would say, ‘Thanks, Super Kind!'” Diva tells AdFreak. “Needless to say, it’s changed a lot since then. Props to the marketing team for letting me go nuts with this.”

The Director of Social Media Marketing at LA Metro said that they wanted to create something memorable, fun and quirky, something that would remind people about Metro etiquette:

”That's what Mike Diva and his team have delivered. It was a great experience working with local talent like Mike Diva and Anna Akana. It lends a colorful touch that matches the spirit of our riders and the creativity of Los Angeles.“

Another cultural code allows you to exploit the Japanese advertising tradition in order to attract attention to the product or brand. This attention often turns out to be unhealthy and inefficient, because it does not stimulate sales. It remains only to hope that such consumer attitude will become a thing of the past and advertising agencies will use the opportunities of this trend to create really interesting and memorable things.
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