THE 2nd UNIVERSITY CITIES FORUM - Leveraging University Vitality for Urban & Regional Development

Second International University Cities Forum was held in TSU on November 30 - December 2. More when 40 speakers from different countries discussed the importance of universities in the time of global urbanistic changes. The Forum was organized by the Center for Research “Transsiberian Scientific Way” (TSSW), National Research Tomsk State University, with the support of the Administration of the Tomsk Region, the Embassy of France in Russia and the General Consulate of Germany in Novosibirsk.
The program of the Forum included three tracks:

  1. «University and the New Economy of the City/Region»,
  2. «University in Complex Urban Ecosystem»,
  3. «University and Disruptive Social Changes».

The Forum included a series of workshops and lectures given by the experts in economic, architecture and social development. Also, the speakers discussed the current research trends and modern projects of designing schools and universities’ educational space in the 21st century.

The First Track was devoted to urban, scientific and technical development; the representatives of universities and the local government discussed the role of the universities in the modern economics in the city and the region.

The Second Track, which was named «University in Complex Urban Ecosystem», was dedicated to modern urbanization, the multilateral process influencing economical, social and technical development of the society. How can we combine urban planning and environmental conservation? What competences should be strengthened to put the media in the forefront of the urban development? What will a university campus be like in the future? These and many other important questions were discussed at this track.

The main theme of the Third Track «University and Disruptive Social Changes» was to identify the key conditions for transformation of universities as drivers of social changes. The participants discussed the concentration of talented people in cities, the priority of academic mobility development, and the involvement of people in urban and regional development. At the end of this session the key goals for the local government and the representatives of universities concerning migration and academic mobility were defined.