TV series "Scandal" as an illustration to the work of an anti-crisis consultant

There are many ways to success in PR. If you want to become an expert, you can study diligently at university, take professional qualification courses, go to trainings and read a lot of very smart books. But I want to tell you about another source. This is an absolutely terrific series about PR with an intriguing title – ‘Scandal’. Students often complain about the lack of practice at university. If you watch this series, you will be able to gain experience.

The main character of the series is Olivia Pope. She is a public relations practitioner, and she used to work for the US President. She decided to leave the White House and open her anti-crisis agency. The agency’s main goal is to solve the problems of high-ranking clients and keep them a secret. This series is about the hidden situations in the political world; it demonstrates all the dirty sheets and skeletons in the closet.

Olivia Pope has a real prototype - Judy Smith, who is a well-known American expert on crisis communications. Judy worked with President George W. Bush since 1991. But in 1996, Judy founded her own firm ‘Smith & Company’ and began dealing with crisis communications. In 2009, Judy met Shonda Reims, the producer of the series. They began working together on the series ‘Scandal’ in 2011.

The series is played by little-known actors, but their play is gorgeous. Fans of ‘Anatomy of Passion’ and ‘Private Practice’ will be delighted by familiar faces.

Olivia Pope is played by Kerry Washington. Her performance is just amazing! Many girls and women will want to be like her. She is strong, confident and ready to solve everyone’s problems. Olivia Pope helped the US president win the elections.

This series is for fans of ‘conspiracy theories’ and other viewers who like exciting stories. If you dream of becoming an anti-crisis manager or a PR practitioner, you must not miss Scandal!

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