10 Experts On The Secrets How to Create Good Native Advertising

Many experts and professionals agree that it is really difficult to create good native advertising. But they are ready to tell people about their experience and give some advice, which can help you become a real professional.

The Editors of the Native Advertising Institute have prepared 10 pieces of advice from journalists and experts of native advertising from all over the world and found the recipe of good native advertising.

Eric Fulwiler (VP, Account Strategy at VaynerMedia London), Ilia Krasilshchik (launched Meduza) and Maria Marteleur (CEO at Storstad Medieproduktion) advise, first of all, to think not about the advertiser, but about the readers. What are they interested in? What do they want to get? How do they want to get it?

Melanie Deziel (Branded Content Consultant and Founder of The Overlap League), Lukas Kircher (Founder and Partner at C3) and Rebecca Lieb (Leading Industry Analyst on native advertising) say that you need to forget corporate messages and be more creative and transparent.

Also, Pete Wootton (MD of Digital at Dennis Publishing) insists that your native advertising will be successful only if it is as good as editorial products.

This is the summary of several tips from the real professionals in native advertising. You can read about the details here: https://nativeadvertisinginstitute.com/blog/10-experts-secret-good-native-advertising/