Public service advertising is a unique phenomenon; it seems it can solve any problem. Some people create public service advertising because of altruistic motivation, and others, because they want to earn money. Public service advertising has become significant; it changes public attitudes on such topics as drinking and driving, crime abatement and various health and safety issues.

It is interesting that in Russia public service advertising appeared only after the collapse of the USSR. People did not lose hope to shake off the remains of the past world and start a new life. People liked public service advertising because there was no rough agitation and manipulation of consciousness.

Public service advertising promotes ideas and ways of life without which life in the contemporary society loses its meaning. Today public service advertising is associated with three NOs: NOone wants to do it, NOone wants to pay for it and NOone needs it. Buy some people do not give up and continue to struggle with the imperfections of our society.

Michael Bursler advises specialists to remember about 4 important aspects when creating public service advertising:

  • Do not confuse problems that disturb you personally with the problems of the community.
  • Know your enemy in person. If you choose to fight with smoking, find out the opposing ideas.
  • Know the target audience. Speak the same language with your audience.
  • Make sure that your idea is important to the community now.

There is one more question. Who pays for public service advertising? Organizations must understand that public service advertising does not sell goods or services. It sells ideas, and does it well. So if you want people around to think the same way as you do, there is a reason to say public service advertising three YES, because, according to Michael Bresler, there is a promotional goal, a target audience and good ways how to promote the idea.

Source: http://www.advertiser-school.ru/advertising-theory/problem_of_social_ad_in_russia.html