How Advertising of Crab Stics Shows The Right Interaction with The Millennial’s Audience

Many advertisers have thought how to find the way to the hearts of the young generation — the Millenials who don't trust advertising, don't watch TV, choose the product or service based on the recommendations of close friends or objective characteristics. The manufacturer of Vici crab sticks has found a special way. They appeal to opinion leaders, favorite characters of generation Z  and famous people.
On October 3, a popular blogger and actor of voice acting, Dmitri Siyenduk, published on his YouTube channel a musical animated video about Vici crab sticks. The idea of this video belongs to the Voskhod advertising agency that received a bronze price at the Cannes Lions in summer 2017.
The emphasis of this video is on the popular, recognisable characters, such as Donald Tramp, Sergei Shnurov, Edward Snowden, Oxxxymiron and others. Also, there are many references to Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Futurama, Mr. Pickles and another popular TV series and movies, which young generation likes.
We know that generation Z doesn't trust advertising, and they don’t watch TV. There are lots of young people who don’t have TV at home, because they can find everything they want on the Internet. Therefore, placing this video on the YouTube channel of the most blogger in Russia is the greatest idea!
By now, this Vici commercial on YouTube has collected 2 299 402 views. Siyenduk has pushed his followers to share they own content: reviews, reactions, accelerated and looped versions, and search for references. 
All in all, Voskhod has created four videos for this advertising campaign: one for YouTube (for the audience 18 to 25), and three TV commercials (for audience 25 and older). «Working on the idea, we try to plunge deeply into this topic, read a huge number of forums, comments, and explore different opinions; the media department carry out investigations». In order to keep the interest in the campaign, Voskhod is planning several additional activities. Their details are not available yet.
Watch this video on YouTube: