Inspirational Books for PR Practitioners

“Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success”
Author: David Allen Aaker

This book is a result of successful practices of one of the most authoritative professional in the world of branding.
The author gives twenty simple pieces of advice how to achieve success.

  • Why do creators of famous brands have nothing but their companies, but they  manage to be very reach and famous all over world?
  • How can you find things which will inspire you, and how can you compel them to work?
  • How to make famous people speak about your brand with glorious smiles attracting new customers?
  • How can you expand your abilities in developing the concept of your brand?

The reader will not only find answers to these and other questions, but also read about specific examples of developing, expanding and promoting a successful brand.

The book by one of the founders of the world branding gives clear instructions how to create a strong and competitive brand.