YouTube continues to launch the original content

Netflix and Zero are becoming more and more popular. These are entertainment sites, and they provide their audience with a huge number of videos, movies, TV shows and series. It's easy to guess that now they are the main competitors with the largest video sharing in the world - YouTube.
Obviously, in order to remain the leader, YouTube will have to create more original content and launch projects that will focus on keeping its audience. The show with celebrities will be one of such projects. Such popular and talented people as Ryan Secret (TV presenter and Emmy winner), Kevin Hart (actor and comedian who starred in such films as "Death at a Funeral", "One and a Half Spies"), Ellen Lee DeGeneres (TV host, The Ellen DeGeneres Show), Demi Lovato (actress and singer) and Katy Perry are on the list of stars that will participate in the show. Members of the comedy duo Rhett & Link will lead one of the most popular shows on YouTube - Good Mythical Morning.
The decision to launch a new project was influenced by advertisers interested in the YouTube’s development. This project will be very popular among the English-speaking audience and mainly Americans. So YouTube will have the status of the largest video sharing in the world for a long time.