A Few Simple Secrets for a Good Press Release

A press-release is one of the most basic tools in PR-specialist’s work. It is intended for mass media. The aim of a press release is to attract the audience and ensure the coverage of your event in mass media. How can you write a press-release of good quality?

1. Headline 
There is an inaccurate opinion that a press-release doesn't need a headline, and when it is published the headline will be changed. This is not so! The headline should be short and written in black type; and it must contain important keywords. All these things are important because the reader or editor will focus on the headline in the first line.

2. Text
The text of your press-release is an open space for ideas and fantasy, but you should not get carried. Your press-release should contain a hint on the content but keep some intrigue and should not open all cards to the reader. Journalists often write reviews based on the information from the press-release because of the lack of time. Natural coverage of your event in mass-media depends a lot on the well-written press-release.

3. Questions to help
“Answering questions” is the most convenient way of writing a press-release. Who? Where? When? Why? are basic questions, the answers to these questions should clearly inform the readers. The contact information can be placed in the final part of the press-release. You can leave here a link to all the sources that are connected with the news that you describe. Don't leave contact information in the press-release without informing people about it. 

4. Simply the best
Editors receive plenty of press-releases during the day. That is why your press-release must be perfect and professionally written. Check all mistakes in the text before sending your press-release, and try to escape hypocrisy. It will be better if you have the headline of the press-release in the subject line of the mail to stand out from the general mass. 

5. From first face
Use quotes from people who participated in the event. This step adds truthfulness and weight to your press-release in the editor’s eyes. Don't forget to ask permission from the author of the quote, because it will allow publishing your press-release without clarification.   

Follow this advice but don't forget about creativity! Good luck!

Source: wikihow.com