Six Simple Pieces of Advice to a Beginning Digital Nomad

The concept of Digital Nomadism, which has appeared recently, characterizes those people who live where they choose and use new technologies in their professional activities. Locations and conditions that are constantly changing may reduce the productivity of the working process and affect the results. How can you organize yourself in such unstable conditions?

1. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today!
It’s trivial but effective. If you have an irregular working day and many meetings, a calendar plan is a must-have for you. Today we have a lot of ways to help us plan during the day: a Google calendar app for gadgets, traditional diary books, and so on. It’s for you to decide what you prefer! You will always know when you have time to meet with friends or drink a cup of tea or coffee. Following this simple and good advice, digital nomads can bring a little bit more order in their lives. 

2. New places are new opportunities.
When people who are working abroad get a question about their impressions of the city and the country where they work, the most popular answer is “I worked there, and I had no time for walking around.” You should find a couple of hours to explore new places and masterpieces, and you will have something to tell your friends. Another plus is that you will be able to find a comfortable place for work with nice atmosphere, coffee, sockets and Wi-Fi. 

3. Understanding people are the best remedy.
You should have enough time to communicate with close people in any situation. People who understand and accept you are a physical and emotional support for your spiritual health. This is the source of extra energy, which improves your productivity in general. 

4. Tame your gadgets.
Things that we like often can distract us when we are working. You should try to visit only the online pages that you really need. Respond to those calls that are related to the work, and turn off the sound on your phone. Don’t be distracted by trivia. This will help you focus on the work and have time to do what you have planned. Check the condition of the battery of your gadgets. So they won't let you down at the crucial moment.

5. Movement is life!  
You should not spend a lot of time in front of monitors. Move your location, work and do physical exercise. Your thoughts won't be tangled and stagnated, it will improve concentration. All that can impact productivity of work during the day.

6. Use the time you spend on the road wisely!
Time is the most valuable thing that people have! Don't forget about it while you are waiting for your friends or colleagues at the airport or train station. Here you can do some monotonous work that does not claim high concentration. Such places usually have very weak Wi-Fi connection, and the amount of distractions is reduced. 

And finally, a very interesting question... 

What is the difference between a digital nomad and a simple traveler?
The differences are in the goals. The main goal of simple travelers is new cultural experience. No matter how long the journey takes, and where the person goes, a traveler stays in interesting places just only for making discoveries and getting new impressions. A digital nomad considers that the main target is to find a comfortable place for work, without staying in one place for a long time, and he often changes places. He needs time for making money, combining travelling and getting new experiences with work.