Presentation of the Book by Roland Posner: First Translated into Russian

On May 27, as part of the celebration of its 138 anniversary, Tomsk State University hosted the Presentation of the Book «Rational Discourse and Poetic Communication: Methods of Linguistic, Literary and Philosophical Analysis» by German semiotician Roland Posner.

Roland Posner is Professor of Linguistics and Semiotics (Institute of Language and Communications, Technical University of Berlin), and editor-in-chief of the international scientific journal "Semiotics" («Zeitschrift für Semiotik»). He is the author and co-author of several hundreds of scientific publications translated into major world languages. However his books have not been published in Russian until now.

According to Professor Posner, his book is written in a simple language, so it is intended for “everyone who has already finished school”.  Roland Posner also noted that he is satisfied with the results of this collaborative project, and hopes to continue fruitful cooperation with Tomsk State University.

The presentation was held at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Siberia, TSU. The event was attended by TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy, TSU President Georgiy Mayer, Director of the Scientific Library of TSU, Mikhail Shepel, Head of the Department of Social Communication and Scientific Editor of the book, Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan, the translator of the book, Snezhana Nosova, and the representatives of the creative team who worked on the book by Roland Posner in Russian.

Eduard Galazhinskiy gave a welcoming speech in the beginning of the event. He pointed out the significance and relevance of the new project, because not all Russian readers know foreign languages to read the works by the foreign scholars in the language of the original. After this speech, the Rector of Tomsk State University presented Roland Posner a gift copy of his book in Russian.

This is the first book in the new TSU publishing series "Monographs of Prominent Foreign Researchers: Published in Russian for the First Time ". Tomsk State University will continue this project, and translate into Russian some works by modern authors, who have already become classics in their fields.

Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan, Head the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology of Tomsk State University, and Chief Scientific Editor of the book, thanked all those who took part in this unusual and challenging but exciting work of translating Roland Posner’s book into Russian. She noted that to implement such a serious project it was important to receive support from different specialists, be attentive to details and intricacies of the scientific translation, and believe in success.

The unique translator, who can work even on complex scientific texts, is Snezhana Nosova, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social Communications (TSU). She shared with the audience her thoughts and emotions that she experiences while translating book.

"When I was translating the first chapter, I thought it was the hardest, and then it would be much easier, but I was wrong! Each chapter of the book by Roland Posner is unique, full of quotes and metaphors that have two or more meanings. But gradually I got a taste of this scientific but also artistic and philosophical translation."

The Russian-language edition was designed by the "Province" Design Studio. Artemiy Fominykh, the Creative Director of the Studio, told the audience how his creative team worked on the issues related to the general concept of the book cover and selection of fonts adapted to different languages, and solved the non-trivial question of typesetting of scientific texts.

At the end of the meeting all those present received a copy of the new Russian-language edition of the book with an autograph from Roland Posner.