«Connect-Universum - 2016»: Materials of the Conference

Dear participants of the third International Transdisciplinary Research and Practice Online Conference «Connect-Universum-2016»!
We would like to remind you that the work of the Conference is going on. The Organizing Committee continues posting the texts of the reports, presentations and videos prepared by the participants of the Conference on the site connect-univerum.com and connect-universum.tsu.ru. We will gradually open the materials to view online:

  •  reports by the key speakers – online and offline participants of the webinar that took place on 24-26 May 2016;
  • materials provided by the speakers (the materials will be posted on the website of the Conference and published in the Conference Proceedings if required).

The texts of the reports by all the speakers will be published in the section «Conferences».  
The presentations and videos of the webinar will be posted on the personal pages of the speakers.
We invite everyone to continue the discussion. You can not only read the reports but also ask questions and comment on the texts.
The Steering Committee 

Reports and presentations provided by the speakers of the Conference «Connect-Universum-2016»

  1. Arkhangelskaya, Irina Storytelling as a Form of Marketing Communication in the World of Digital Nomads
  2. Arpentieva, Mariam Digital Nomadism and Identity
  3. Astafyeva, Olga / Kuvshinov, Sergei / Kharin, Konstantin Digital Modifications of Socio-Cultural Space
  4. Bankov, Kristian The Evolution of Money in Favor of Digital Nomadism (video report)
  5. Borzdun, Vadim / Dvorovenko, Olga Formation of the Educational Environment to Improve the Mobility of Professional Development of Specialists in Culture and Art
  6. Brighton, Christopher Ward / Rudenko, Nadezhda Learning in Multicultural Virtual Teams: University’s Role in Training Globally Competent Graduates
  7. Bruni, Roberto / Mladenovic, Dusan “Figure of Merit” for Places in Digital Nomadism Ages
  8. Bychkova, Marina Lifestyle of Siberian and Digital Nomads: Prospects and Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research
  9. Chin, Esther Glocal Cosmopolitanism: How to Analyze Globalized Experiences of Media and Migration
  10. Dittrich, Fabian How I Ran My Company from a Land Rover Defender while Crossing the South American Continent(video report)
  11. Dobrinskaya, Daria Nomadic Lifestyle in the Network Society: Sociological Aspect
  12. Dwivedi, Ratnesh Digitization in Mediatized World: Cases, Conflicts and Causes
  13. Finch, Michael New Digital Realities in Fragmented Brave New World(video report)
  14. Fugelova, Tatyana Professional Mobility as a Way of Social Functioning of a Person
  15. Glukhov, Andrey / Okushova, Gulnafist Digital Migrants as Forced Digital Nomads: Creating a New Identity 
  16. Gutkevich, Elena Psychological and Genetic Profile of a Digital Nomad: Reality, Risks and Prospects of the Family of the Digital Era
  17. Guzhova, Irina / Sukhoreva, Darya «The Instinct of Freedom»: Promotion of Values of Digital Nomadism in Advertising
  18. Kaftandzhiev, Christo Digital Nomads in Marketing Communications (presentation)
  19. Kalmykоv, Alexander Nomadology of Mediatized Reality
  20. Karnaukhova, Nalalya / Polyanskaya, Ekaterina Online-Positioning of Digital Nomads
  21. Khalilov, Damir I am a Jet-Setter
  22. Kholod, Alexander «The New Electronic Culture». Digital Nomadism and Transformation of Consciousness
  23. Klochko, Vitaly Digital Nomadism: Transdisciplinary Paradigm
  24. Klyagin, Sergey On Models of Unstable Ontologies in Exploration of Digital Nomadism
  25. Kollantai, Jean Comments by an American Semi-Digital Nomad in Siberia
  26. Krasnoryadtseva, Olga / Shcheglova, Eleonora / Vaulina, Tatiana Digital Nomads: the Problems of Educational Interaction
  27. Krivtsova, Evgeniya Nomadism as a Philosophy and Way of Life of a Photographer
  28. Kuprina Lidia, Kuprin Anatoly Infrastructure of Digital Nomadism on the Route of the Great Tea Road (in the Case of Tyumen)
  29. Kuzheleva-Sagan, Irina / Nosova, Snezhana Culture of Digital Nomads: Ontological, Anthropological, and Semiotic Aspects
  30. Laukaitis, Jacob Architecting the Life You Want(video report)
  31. Laurinavicius, Tomas How to Combine a Life of DN with a Full Time Job(video report)
  32. Matsyshyna, Iryna Flextime of the Digital Epoch: from Deviation to New Order of Control
  33. Mescheryakova, Emma / Kozlova, Natalya / Larionova, Anastasia Representation of Socio-Cultural  Phenomenon of Digital Nomadism in the Minds of Siberian Youth
  34. Moravec, John Knowmad Society: Human Potential Development in the Jobless Future
  35. Naimushin, Boris Bring a Digital Nomad with You: Challenges and Issues in Video Remote Interpreting
  36. Neklyudova, Snezhana / Petrova Valeria Psychological Bases of the Phenomenon of Digital Nomadism
  37. Nikolaeva, Evgenia / Kotlyar, Polina Participation and the Problem of the Formation of the Subject in the Media-Situation
  38. Phan, Lan-Phuong Digital Nomadism as a Global and Siberian Trend. Is Tomsk and National Research Tomsk State University a “New Athens” in Siberia?
  39. Pokazanyeva, Inna Travel Journalism and the Phenomenon of Digital Nomadism
  40. Polisuchenko, Anna Digital Nomads: Where They Came from and Where They are Heading for
  41. Posner, Roland Semiotics as a Metalanguage to Describe Phenomena of the Digital World
  42. Postol, Vladimir Netocracy - the Illusion of Power?
  43. Puchovska, Silvia How I Left the Office and Never Came Back (presentation)
  44. Romm, Mark / Zayakina, Raisa Frontierity as Basic Feature of Network Significance of Regional Nomads
  45. Samoilenko, Sergei Understanding New Digital Nomads: Generation Z and their Communication Habits
  46. Shibarshina, Svetlana “Stable Instability” as an Inner Comfort Zone of the Digital Nomad
  47. Shikalova, Ekaterina Trading Floors as Perspective Sphere of Digital Nomad’s Professional Activity
  48. Shilina, Marina Nomadism vs. Knowmadism as New Imperatives of Modern Society
  49. Shumilova, Alina Approaches to Researching Digital Nomadism: Overview of Foreign Research
  50. Spicheva, Dina Digital Image Interpretations of Siberia in Electronic Communication Space
  51. Stakhovskaya, Julia University On-demand: the Issue of Educational Nomadism in Networked Knowledge Society
  52. Suchkova, Natalya Student Community of Tomsk in the Context of Social Practices of Digital Nomadism
  53. Synchilo, Natalia "A Travel Set" of a Project Manager in Social Media Marketing (workshop)
  54. Taradina, Larisa Social and Economic Approaches to Digital Nomadism
  55. Terentyeva, Irina Nomad, Drifter and Wanderer: Cultural Types of Space Network Communications
  56. Trapeznikova, Irina Economic Risks in Managing Digital Nomads’ Careers
  57. Urmanbetova, Zhyldyz Traditional Nomads of Central Asia and Present-Day Digital Nomads
  58. Vasilyeva, Marina Visualization of Digital Nomadism in Contemporary Culture
  59. Von Burg, Alessandra Citizenship Deserts: Refugees as Digital Nomads
  60. Yanitskiy, Mikhail / Ivanov, Mikhail Mobility as a Strategy of Personal Security in Perceptions of Generation Z
  61. Yaroslavtseva, Elena Philosophical Aspects of Digital Prototyping System