The Second Day of the International WEB-Conference «Connect-Universum – 2016. Digital Nomadism as a Global and Siberian Trend» Has Come to an End

Today we have listened to 16 speakers from 5 countries: Germany, Russia, France, Kyrgyzstan and Bulgaria. The Conference team have shown the coordinated work and quickly overcome every technical interruption.

Roland Posner, Honorary Professor at Technical University of Berlin (TUB), Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Semiotics, Institute of Language and Communication, TUB, opened the second day of the webinar with his talk "Semiotics as a Meta-Language of the Phenomena of the Digital World."  

Daria Dobrinskaya, PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor of Sociology Department at Lomonosov Moscow State University, presented her research, in which she compared different characteristics of the traditional and network society.

Sergei Klyagin, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Communication Studies and Public Affairs Department, returned to the subject of ontology of digital nomadism with the presentation "On Models of Unstable Ontology in Exploration of Digital Nomadism".

Irina Terentyeva, Associate Professor at Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Alekseev,  presented her report "Nomad, Drifter and Wanderer: Cultural Types and Space Network Communication."

The group of the researchers from Moscow, Olga Astafieva, Konstantin Kharin and Elena Yaroslavtseva, spoke about the philosophical aspects of digital prototyping.

Natalia Suchkova, 5th year student of the Department of Social Communication at TSU, presented the results of her research concerning the student community of Tomsk in the context of social practices of digital nomadism.

The next speaker, Boris Naimushin, Head of English Studies Department at New Bulgarian University, reviewed some of the problems of translators who work remotely.

Irina Arkhangelskaya reviewed the main myths and archetypes used by marketers in their work, and emphasized the importance of visualization in creating the involving content.

Zhyldyz Urmanbetova, Professor of the Department of Philosophy of Kyrgyz-Turkish University, tried to answer the question about the relationship between nomadism as a historical phenomenon, and present-day digital nomads.

At the end of the day, Andrei Glukhov and Dina Spicheva, Associate Professors from the Department of Social Communication at TSU, also presented their reports.

Artemy  Fominykh, Commercial Director of Province Design Studio, finished the second day of the webinar. He spoke about the two existing approaches of team-building, and named the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

All the reports were accompanied by interesting presentations or videos.

Tomorrow, on 26 May, at the youth section of the Conference «Connect-Universum-Junior», pupils, undergraduate and graduate students will present their reports.

We will be glad to see you tomorrow at 7:00 am, Moscow time (10:00, Tomsk time). Good luck!