About the CU

The mission of the International Research and Practical Web-Conference “Connect-Universum ”:

Developing international “intellectual communicative nets” (R. Collins), new interdisciplinary project groups, and “invisible colleges” – groups of researchers and practitioners, dealing with the most current issues of social communications and new media in the modern network information-communication society.

The address of the rector of National Research Tomsk State University Eduard V. Galazhinskiy

Dear participants!

I am very glad that the International Interdisciplinary Web-Platform “Connect-Universum” was created particularly in National Research Tomsk State University (TSU) – the only classical university on the list of top-14 Russian universities. “Classical university at non-classical time” – that is how we have determined our major status. It implies not only preserving the best traditions of the Russian higher education, but also developing new ones, based on different ontology of the modern information-communication society.

Apart from other possible missions, universities must maintain peace between nations and their tolerance towards each other. We should believe in this mission and work hard in accordance with it. Especially in the situations when it is so difficult for the politicians from different countries to effectively communicate, but academics, researchers, professional communicators, and students still can find the ways to do it.

Eduard Galazhinskiy:

Rector of TSU, PhD, Professor, Doctor of Psychology; Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Education, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Psychological Society; Member of the Committee of Education, Science, and Culture of the Legislation Duma of Tomsk Region; Member of the editorial boards in “Siberian Psychological Journal” (Tomsk) and “Psychology of Education” (Moscow).

The address of the сhairman of the Steering Committee

Dear friends and colleagues!

The Organizing Committee of the International Research and Practical Web-Conference “Connect-Universum 2018”, held by National Research Tomsk State University, is happy to greet you here, on the website of the conference!

There might be people who do not know that our conference has a ten-year history. Over the years it has transformed from trans-regional (2004) to all-Russian (2006, 2009) and, finally, to international (2012, 2014, 2016). The name of the conference has been changing as well. However, it has always been about social communication one way or another and the word “Universum” has always been the key one (from the Latin “Universum”, “summa rerum” - “the world”, “universe”). The concept of the “Universum” in the context of social communication implies the multi-dimensional nature of this phenomenon. It makes it possible to study social communication from the perspective of different socio-scientific disciplines. And vice versa: overlapping and complementarily of different research paradigms (philosophical, socio-humanities, natural sciences, technological) make it possible to create a multi-dimensional image of the modern social communicative reality.

Another key word in the name of the forum is “Connect” (from English – “connection”). It was chosen due to its extreme actuality for social communications at the age of new media. It points out at the new (Internet) format of the conference, when participants can connect and communicate with each other from different location of the world. The final version of the conference name is gradually becoming one of the brands of National Research Tomsk State University.

For us, it goes without saying, that the communication platform “Connect-Universum” has future. There will be new networking interdisciplinary project groups and “invisible colleges”. They will deal with the most current issues of social communications and new media in the modern network information-communication society.

At present, we want all the participants to get an exciting experience, new knowledge and impressions, and to meet new partners and friends!

Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Head of the Department of Social Communication in Tomsk State University (TSU); President of the non-profit organization “Strategy of Success”; Head of the ‘Connect-Universum’ International Scientific and Practice Conference Steering Committee.