Tyazhlov Yan I. (Russia, Belgorod)

Apost graduate student, journalism faculty, Belgorod National Research University.


Graphic norm in modern mediatexts about the movie.


The functional potential in the report of visualization tools in the mediatexts entering a modern film discourse is characterized.

The presented supervisions reflect one of the actual tendencies in modern media - a tendency to functional specialization of verbal and nonverbal components of the mediatext which promotes its compacting, on the one hand, and provides interaction with target audience on the other hand. Visual components of the text are considered as elements of its kreolization that optimizes communication due to expansion of combinatory opportunities in the mechanism of formation of the communicative strategy corresponding to this or that target audience. Visualization tools are the effective “packing” tool of part of the contents of the mediatext: they prevent information overload of the reader, bringing a pragmatical component of the text out of the verbal area.

It testifies a need of classification and detailed studying of the sign subsystems functioning in structure the kreolized mediatexts, the most widespread in the sphere of advertizing and infographics. Detailed studying of the kreolization mechanism of texts and in other spheres of media taking into account the channel of distribution and genre - thematic specifics that promotes studying of methods of data introducing obtained during cognizing of reality, strategy of their representation, formation of public opinion.


Apost graduate student, journalism faculty, Belgorod National Research University.
Master of journalism, at this moment –a post graduate student, journalismfaculty of Belgorod National Research University.
Media criticism, film critic, media education.