Pankova Natalia M. (Russia, Tomsk)

Senior Lecturer in department of Philosophy, IHSST TPU.


Publication productivity in the context of social and cultural communication.


In the paper the challenges of receiving and imparting new knowledge are denoted. The person faces them both in education process where the information transfers from people-to-people (model teacher-to-student) and in self-study process (independent work with author’s text). Authors suggest that the process of cultural experience acquisition demands certain efforts and organized activity. The closer attention is paid to the personality formation by two main components: social communications in which a person exists and individual characteristics which can be enlarged while studying.

It is concluded that publication activity is not only one of the most important ways to implement personality's creative abilities, but efficient communication in the social and cultural environment. It provides the opportunity to recognize the results of research work by the academic society.

Authors offered ways of promoting scientific works by means of Internet resources, such as scientific social networks and products of media corporations. The scientific social network ResearchGate and Thomson Reuters media corporation product - online tool "Researcher ID" placed at the bibliographic database Web of ScienceTMCore Collection are used as examples.


Senior Lecturer in department of Philosophy, IHSST TPU.
Higher education
Philosophy of education, hermeneutics, social evaluation of technique and social inventions, creativity.
SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS: Author of 35 articles, 1 monograph, 13 text and study books, participating in several International and All-Russian conferences
Disciplines taught: 
"Philosophy"; "Logics"; "Human resources management".