Kryshtaleva Marina K. (Russia, St. Petersburg)


Processes of human alienation in context of visual culture


Modification of socio-cultural processes leads to transformation of reality itself.Alienation is an immanent attribute of a man and comes out in all of his life spheres. F. Geyer separate types of alienation on classical, that has always been inherent to human, and those that appears with every following culture development volution. The dominant of modern culture and her functionally-organizing component is visuality. Seeing the progress of this form of cultural existence the appropriate processes of alienation are being formed, both on micro and macro layer: between the subject and aspects of the environment (nature, working, labour results ex.) and between self and unachievable reality of self (self-estrangement).

More and more phenomenons are being objectivized in cultural forms by visualizing tools (in photography, infographics and new media) in the inevitable processes of «subject spirit objectivizing», searched in philosophy of German idealism. The totality of images is one of the reasons for «visual violence»: stamp-images influence the identity, constructing it as well as the way of our journeys and lives.

The man prefers reality as it is to «the screen» and «the window» of images, produced by himself. They are changed by hardly perceptible illusions on «non-alienated» products of their «own» visual space within new digital media.

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PhD student, department theory and history of culture in Herzen State University.
2006-2011 – student of a faculty of a Human philisophy of Herzen University. Specialty – teacher in cultural research, department of theory and history of culture; Since 2011 – PhD student, department of theory and history of culture, Herzen University.
Visual studies, visual anthropology, philosophy of photography.
2011-2013 – free-lance guide over St.-Petersburg for children in CRMP STIMUL; 2011-2012 – teacher in Art and History of St.Petersburg in school no.506; 2011 -2012 – teacher and methodist of courses “Cognitive Mnemonics and Analytic reading” in the “UNIUM educational company”; 2012 – participant of a Summer School of Visual Ethnography (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Co-author of a short film “Ride the Bike Where You Like / Čekoloželiš, Bicike(Lj) dobiš”; 2012 - curator of a project and photo-exhibition “Kizhi: two realities of one island”, based on visual-anthropology methods and R.Barthes theory in photography. Headed the work of students of a second year of education. Exhibited: display areas of faculty of Human philosophy (November 1st - December 31st , 2012); 2013 – Director of a video-project “Faculty space research: view settings”, the project is planned to be created untill the anniversary of a faculty (25 years). Based on methods of visual anthropology and theory of visual studies.Leader of a work of students of a thirst year of education; July 22nd - august 3rd , 2013 - participant of Utrecht summer school, course: ”Understanding visual culture” (Utrecht, Neverlands); 2013 – Technical secretary of the org. committee in the international conference «Cultural research in the context of «digital humanities» (October 3rd-5th, St.-Petersburg); 2013 – Guest lecturer in Fotodepartment /St.-Petersburg; Since 2013 – research associate in The State Peterhof Museum Reserve.