Fedorova Daria Y. (Russia, St. Petersburg)


Impact of audiovisual mass media on child and teenage audience.


Modern people live in information environment that is impossible to imagine without mass media. Mass media have acquired a special significance for the youth. In the 21st Century, children and teenagers have finally shifted from printed texts to audiovisual information. Expanding media scene actively affects cultural, social and psychological values thus creating and modifying our attitudes and behavioural patterns. Accordingly, personal informational and psychological security has become a topical issue.

The place and role of mass media is especially critical in relation to children and teenagers. Indeed,mass media currently serve as the leading instrument of child’s socialization. In this context, television plays a special role as children spend most of their time in front of the TV screen: according to the National Union of Family Associations (Union nationale des associations familiales -UNAF), non-adult audience spend the annual average of 154 hours of quality time (wakeful period) with their parents and 850 hours with their teachers, while 1400 hours are allocated for interaction with various on-screen media.Children aged from 2 to 12 years watch TV for 25 hours per week on average. Thus, to a large extent, children perceive the contemporary world through the prism of TV screen.

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Chair of Journalism, St. Petersburg State University of Cinematography and Television; member of the Russian Association for Film and Media Education, St. Petersburg.
Media education, development of critical thinking, mass media.
SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS: 25 scientific publications (on media education and manipulative influence of mass media) including one monographic book (‘Development of Critical Thinking in Secondary School Students in the course of Media Education’) and one multi-author book (‘Media Education in Eastern European Countries’).
Disciplines taught: 
"System of mass media"; "Analytics and opinion journalism in mass media"; "History of Russian Television".