Cherkasova Irina I. (Russia, Tobolsk)


Ph.D., associate Professor of Pedagogics and Social Education Department of Tobolsk State Social Pedagogical Academy named after D.I.Mendeleev.
In 1988 she graduated from Tobolsk State Pedagogical Institute named after D.I.Mendeleev on the specialty «Mathematics and Physics».
Professional teaching education; humanitarian educational technologies, networking.
In 1993 she defended her thesis on professional orientation of indigenous nationalities students of the Tyumen north; In 1994 she was given the degree «Ph.D»; Since 1988 she has been working at the Pedagogics Department, first as an assistant, now as an associate professor; From 1998 to 2008 she headed the Faculty of Foreign Languages; I.Cherkasova is awarded with the badge «Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation» for «achievements in the field of education». SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS: She is the author of more than 150 scientific publications on professional teaching education including textbooks «Pedagogics» (recommended by the Educational Methodical Association on specialties of teaching education), «Theories of Training and Education», «Pedagogics: Theory and «Practice of Professional Tasks Solution», «Higher Education School», «Interactive Pedagogics», «How to Develop Panoramically Pedagogical Thinking of Students», «Practical Pedagogics (teaching aids on the basis of case-study)», etc. I.Cherkasova has published several books: «Regional Educational Space (maintenance, management , training of teaching staff )», «Formation of Panoramically Pedagogical Thinking of Students», «Panoramically Pedagogical Thinking of the Future Teacher as an Innovative Resource of «The New School», etc. I.Cherkasova participates in grants at various levels. Under her personal guidance one PhD thesis was defended (2006).
Disciplines taught: 
«Pedagogics»; «Pedagogics of professional education»; «General and professional pedagogics»; «Research activities of professional school teacher»; «Innovation processes in education»; «Methodology and methods of scientific research»; «TRIZ and Pedagogics»; «Development of professional thinking”, etc.