Berestneva Olga G. (Russia, Tomsk)


Visual language as a mean of communicationatin the field of information technology

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Headof Laboratory of Information Technologies in the social sphere and medicine Institute of Cybernetics of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University; Professor of general and differential psychology Siberian State Pedagogical University.
Faculty of Management and organization of production at Tomsk Polytechnic Institute; Special Faculty of Psychology of the Tomsk State Pedagogical Institute.
Artificial intelligence, mathematical psychology, natural science research methods in the humanities.
SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS: Author and co-author of over 150 scientific publications , monographs, 6 , 8 and educational teaching aids , a member of the program and organizing committees of international and national conferences.
Disciplines taught: 
"Database and Expert Systems"; "Applied Mathematical Statistics"; "Computer graphics"; "Experimental psychology".