Eye tracking in marketing research
Every year marketing research becomes more and more important and new technologies appear every day. Eye tracking is a technology using a special device to track human eye movements. The eye tracker helps determine what we look at, how long we look at this, what we don't notice, when and how often we blink, and how our pupils respond to different incentives. Brands often use this technology to evaluate products, packaging design, advertising, websites, mobile apps, and online and offline shopper behavior. It helps understand the customer better. This technology can improve interest in the brand and realize how the product or service is perceived by the audience.
How advertising manipulates nonverbal gestures: techniques and tricks
​How do companies get their consumers’ attention in today's digital society, where communications play a huge role? The incredible number of different products and services that appear every year, month, and even day makes it more and more difficult to attract the audience. So companies use a wide range of ways and techniques to engage their potential and future consumers.   What is nonverbal communication? Nonverbal communication is interaction without the use of words (the transfer of information or influence through images, intonation, gestures, facial expressions, pantomimics, and others), that is, without speaking or using the language in a direct or any sign form. The instrument of nonverbal communication is the human body that has a wide range of means and methods of information transmission or exchange, and includes all forms of human self-expression.  
Art of communication or How to become a communication professional?
As is known, a PR specialist needs to have a lot of professional skills. One of the main skills is the ability to communicate with different people. To become a professional in communications, you should learn to understand people, hear them and choose the right words for successful dialogue and cooperation.   Understanding the psychological characteristics of people will definitely help you become a communication professional. The Moscow Institute of Reputation Technologies offers us a classification of four main personality types.
4-D Branding: Cracking the Corporate Code of the Network Economy
Thomas Gad is an economist and marketer from Sweden. He had worked as a creative director, marketing consultant and director of strategic brand development for various global companies, for example, Nokia, Microsoft, BMW, Procter & Gambel and others. Thomas Gad had a great practical experience in branding; this helped him develop his own branding model, which he described in his book. A client and friend of Thomas Gad, Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group Corporation, wrote the introduction for the book.
The value of emotions in working with design
Don Norman (Don Norman) is a cognitive scientist and design critic, Vice President of Apple; Business Week called him "one of the most influential designers in the world. Don Norman is the author of many books of design and psychology: The Design of Everyday Things, The Design of Future Things and Emotional Design: We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things. In his book Emotional Design: We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things, the author says that a beautiful design can cause a positive emotional response, which improves our cognitive abilities.  “Attractive things make people feel good, which in turn makes them think more creatively. How does that make something easier to use? Simple, by making it easier for people to find solutions to the problems they encounter”. Don Norman has always been trying to eliminate inconsistencies between the established vision of a product by designers and the desires of consumers. Today he is a strict and tough critic, who is always on the side of consumers. Let's talk about the levels of perception that, according to Don Norman, form the basis of design that can make people happy.