Branding for small businesses: To be or not to be?
Why do we need branding if we are a small company? - Our products are trusted without it. This and other similar statements indicate how insignificant can consider branding some small businesses. Do you need to use branding if you have a hairdresser’s, a service station or a little cafe? The answer is definitely “YES”. The most important function of a brand is to separate a certain company and its products or services from those produced by competitors. Today a brand not only personifies a product or service, it creates a special atmosphere around them trying to create consumers’ desire, and motivating them to purchase.
How did the Eiffel Tower become a symbol of Paris?
The Eiffel Tower is a well-known symbol of Paris.Without understatement, almost every person in the world knows what the Eiffel tower looks like and where it is located. We would like to briefly highlight the history of the Eiffel Tower and tell you how its image influenced the positioning of Paris.
What place branding gives to cities? Expert opinion about the Russian reality
Due to the growing popularity of place branding, the business newspaper “Most” published an article where they interviewed some practitioners in business communications. The experts highlighted many issues related to this area, such as: Why do you need to promote places? How does branding affect the economic and social attractiveness of the region as well as its development as a whole?
The meaning of color for website interface: How to evoke the necessary emotions
When we create and design the interface of a website we need to focus not only on its functionality and usefulness, but also we need to make the website emotionally attractive. So, you need to pay your attention to the color palette of the website (a set of colors that are used in web design). Users do not usually pay attention to the color of the font, the background, its individual parts and the navigation bar. It doesn't mean that they are not able to influence them. It happens unconsciously. Mostly, this algorithm was formed in human consciousness in ancient time while getting new experience. It was the period of interaction with the nature. That is why today different colors in web design can cause certain emotional reactions. According to the design, the site should correspond to the subject matter, and the colors that you use can induce a person, for example, to make a purchase or order a service.
How to create an original logo?
Everybody knows about the importance of a good logotype for every organization. But what should a good logo be like? Of course, it should be memorable and original. One of the main roles of the logo is to reflect the main activity of a company. However, it is quite difficult to express everything that leaders want to convey to a client in such a small and capacious image. We have a large number of ready-made “symbols” of companies, so it is difficult to invent and create something unusual for an organization that has just paved the way to the market. Let's turn to resources that can help a person who is just starting to create logos. ​In addition to well-known websites like Pinterest, Behance, and Dribble, there are many other interesting sources for finding ideas. Each of the websites and blogs below presents a large amount of materials to use, and tips for inspiration.