PR-practitioners check many different sources of information and monitor publications of competitors in the media. They study news hooks. Therefore, one of the most important skills  for a PR-practitioner is the ability to recognize fake news. How can you learn to see fake news?
The time of the commercial on TV is about 30 to 60 seconds on average. But this format is not suitable for the new media. The Internet has other specifics. Recent research shows that the user's interest is reduced within the first 10 seconds. Therefore, advertisers on YouTube are changing their approach. Now they use the technique of short videos. Performance indicators for watching videos have grown. PR-practitioners can also use a short video as a tool in their work.
At the beginning of March, Google introduced to the world a new technology for replacing the green background in real time. The feature will be available on mobile devices soon. The technology is trained with the help of artificial intelligence.
On February 6, SpaceX Company launched the Falcon Heavy lift launch vehicle. This event attracted the attention of 2.3 million viewers on YouTube and become the largest newsbreak in February. ​Falcon Heavy is a partially-reusable heavy-lift launch vehicle. It is better than its nearest competitor in two ways: the cost and the payload. The new launch vehicle costs 90 million dollars in comparison with 435 million cost of the vehicle-competitor. At the same time, the payload output into space is twice as large. So this event is of great interest to the media. But why did the information explosion happen?
What helps us make working relationship: rules of good first impression
Today we often need to play as one team in different working situations. Everybody knows that well-organized teamwork it is the recipe of success. However, what can you do if you do not have good relationships with people or just do not have people to make relations with? Networking will help you. Networking is a skill of making good business relations with any people you need. Let us speak a bit more about the tools of networking.