Panel Discussions: A New Conference Format « Connect Universum 2023

Panel Discussions: A New Conference Format

This year, the International Scientific and Practice Online Conference «Connect-Universum» will be held in the format of panel discussions. This will give an opportunity not only to listen to the speakers’ reports in real-time, as is the case of plenary sessions at traditional conferences, but also spend more time discussing the issues presented in the speakers’ reports. This format will also allow expressing opinions not only by the speakers but also by the large audience. The organizers hope for the active involvement of the audience in the discussion, and look forward to live exchange of experiences, and expert forecasts.
Materials for publication for the Collection (RSCI) will be accepted until February 1, 2021. This way, we propose a new format called “flipped conference”: first, the participants will communicate and share their experiences, after that, they will have a chance to publish a paper in the Collection of Materials.

Anastasia Schreiber
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