Everybody knows about the importance of a good logotype for every organization. But what should a good logo be like? Of course, it should be memorable and original. One of the main roles of the logo is to reflect the main activity of a company. However, it is quite difficult to express everything that leaders want to convey to a client in such a small and capacious image. We have a large number of ready-made “symbols” of companies, so it is difficult to invent and create something unusual for an organization that has just paved the way to the market. Let's turn to resources that can help a person who is just starting to create logos. ​In addition to well-known websites like Pinterest, Behance, and Dribble, there are many other interesting sources for finding ideas. Each of the websites and blogs below presents a large amount of materials to use, and tips for inspiration.
Based on lecture of Andrei Kozhanov, the founder of the Moscow agency “Front: Design” You can find many examples of successful place branding in Europe and the US. But how do cities and regions are branded in Russia? Andrei Kozhanov, creative director and founder of the Moscow agency “Front: Design”, speaks about tourist branding in Russia, and about high social responsibility in London.
The Marty Neumeier’s book Marty Neumeier is a designer, business consultant, director of development for the Liquid Agency that updates and launches new brands. In 1984 Marty Neumeier moved to Silicon Valley to work with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and others.