Becoming Digital: Toward a Post-Internet Society is a new book that appeared in November 2017.  The author of the book is Vincent Mosco, Professor Emeritus, Queen's University, Canada. Dr. Mosco is the author of twenty-three books and over 200 articles on communication, technology, and society. The most famous works are "Political Economy of Communication" and "Cloud: Big Data in the Turbulent World".
Large and small companies spend more and more money on promotion in social media. If they had to pay large sums of money to celebrities before, now anyone can express their opinions. The idea that only a celebrity can become an influencer is wrong, because now anyone, who has active and involved followers and can present information in a good way, can be an influencer.
Digital magazine QUARTZ published a material about how seriously young people think about their social media brand. Now youngsters care not only about how to show their lives to their friends but how to show their potential employers that they are very serious and multitasking people.