As is known, a PR specialist needs to have a lot of professional skills. One of the main skills is the ability to communicate with different people. To become a professional in communications, you should learn to understand people, hear them and choose the right words for successful dialogue and cooperation.   Understanding the psychological characteristics of people will definitely help you become a communication professional. The Moscow Institute of Reputation Technologies offers us a classification of four main personality types.
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Thomas Gad is an economist and marketer from Sweden. He had worked as a creative director, marketing consultant and director of strategic brand development for various global companies, for example, Nokia, Microsoft, BMW, Procter & Gambel and others. Thomas Gad had a great practical experience in branding; this helped him develop his own branding model, which he described in his book. A client and friend of Thomas Gad, Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group Corporation, wrote the introduction for the book.