Choosing celebrities as ambassadors has become a very popular communication strategy today. So why do consumers choose to buy products promoted by famous stars? According to Content Marketing Strategy, here are three main reasons for choosing celebrities to promote products: firstly, people want to look like their favourite celebrities; secondly, people will remember advertising if clelbrities take part in it; thirdly, people will believe that the product is of high quality.
The Trung Nguyen coffee brand is one of the most favourite choices for Vietnamese consumers and not only for them. Of course, it is not easy to have such outstanding success. Dang Le Nguyen Vu is the founder and the president of the corporation, who has a small amount of capital, and strong will and desire to create a leading coffee brand in the Vietnamese market. All these have not only brought success to the Trung Nguyen brand but also left valuable lessons for all startups worldwide.
“A Day in the Life of the Brain” by Susan Adele Greenfield, a key speaker at Connect-Universum-2012 , is translated into Russian.